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fight back.

9 February 1986
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the rest is still unwritten

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acting like a geek, art museums, beach, beads, being a geek, being center of attention, being hyper, being nervous, being responsible., being sick having lemonade, big cities, big mac sauce, big sunglasses, black and pink, blocking people on msn, boys, bright colours, brutual honesty, caffine, car talks, cards, chucks, cleaning, clubbing, craft, crushes, cupcakes, dance parties, dancing at shows, dancing for no reason, dancing like a fool, dane cook, driving without shoes, eighties movies, emails, fake flowers, falling in love, fashion, forehead kisses, frappacinos, friends left to sleep, fruit tingles, gambling, getting/doing/being the best, gigs and concerts, going to shows, gossip, guacamole, hanging up/slamming doors, hanging with old friends, headbands, headscarves, honest, hot chocolate, hot showers, hugging sprees, hugs, inside jokes, ipods, knowing that someone missesyou, laughing at inside jokes, laughing at yourself, laughing for no reason, laughing hard, letters, live music, long conversations at night, lying in bed, making lists, making new friends, melbourne, mix cds, morning radio, movies with friends, movies/t.v quoting, music, my bed, my family, nerds, not being ordinary, op shops, organisation, parties, peach iced tea, pearls, people being brutally honest, presents, push up bras, real cds, real cds (buying/owning), red, red lollypops and icypoles, ribbons, road trips, running, sales, savers, secrets, sewing, sexual innuendo, sharpie smell, shower thoughts, skinny leg jeans, sleeping, sleeping in my underwear, smell of sunscreen, smell of the sea, snakes on a plane, sour cream, spontanity, summer, sweet dreams, sydney, t.v marathons, take a picture!, take out fooooood, taking photos, text messages, the beach, the city, the colour pink, the gym, the smell of petrol, thunderstorms, trying to do yoga, ty in real cds, using the word fuck, vans, vodka, wallets, water guns